Thanks to us your data center can be more environmentally-friendly.
We completely virtualize it: servers, SAN, networking and security. We reduce complexity and footprint, lower consumption and optimise resources. We simplify the realization of fault tolerant Business Continuity platforms and Disaster Recovery projects by geographical distribution and cloud services integrations.

Le soluzioni per data center completamente virtualizzati

Solutions for totally virtualised data center

In a virtual data center solution all the necessary resources are virtualised.

Architecture and networking, devices and storage are independently created and managed according to business needs. So all components are independent from hardware and you are free to choose the vendor you prefer and the best solution for your company.

Flexibility is the key word in a data center of this type. Indeed it could be built following your requirements and those of your business to guarantee high performances and to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Depending on the work peaks, or special needs, it is possible to scale the virtual infrastructure by managing resources and repository in a dynamic way.



- less expenses: it is unnecessary to buy new hardware. Increase or decrease of the is dynamic at the virtual level.

- range of use: a virtual data center can be integrated with the physical infrastructure, assigned to management and development of special environments, special business needs or test and research areas.

- optimized storage: it is managed by a central console that permits to share resources, fast data management, dynamic aggregation and data storage on multiple levels assigning data in an optima way

- flexibility and scalability of the infrastructure not only according to business needs, but also to various workloads, always ensuring the maximum performance

- networking optimization thanks to the virtualization that can join more physical networks into a virtual one or divide a physical network into multiple free-standing virtual networks by releasing it from the underlying hardware, automating activities, reducing error risk and increasing efficiency.


Our expertise:

Green data center is one of ours value. L’All Virtual Data Center allows you both to reduce costs by optimizing the resources, and to reduce power consumption and new investments.
As all our solutions, also data center virtualization is design together with the customer. Starting from the existing infrastructure, business and IT needs, it’s possible to project a tailor-made solution.