Maddalena spa
Maddalena relied on NT New Technologies team's advices for the enlargement of the business ICT infrastructure.
A second data center was created and connected to the existing data center: more performances, redundancy and network connectivity up to 10/40 GB for more business data security and processes' productivity.

In a phase of business extenstion in line with the introduction of new products, the need for a more secure Informatic Infrastructure became predominant to efficientely and securely support the growing business activities and data.
The following are some of the main objectives to be considered:

-           business continuity to guarantee the total operativity of the business processes in every situation, as well as the full integrity and availability of the info;
-           flexibility and service to have an adequate IT infrastructure, built on the business needs and easily expandible in line with the demands' changes;
-           costs under control both in the implementation phase but mostly in the future maintanance of the solution.
Maddalena's high standard certifications should be taken into consideration: ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 17025.



The expansion of the ICT infrastructure was organized through the implementation of a second data center, completely redundant with the one existing and located in a new wing of the headquarter.

This gave the opportunity to guarantee the business continuity requested by the client. The two locations, distant just 150 meters one from the other, are connected between them with optical fibre according to multiple and redundant routes: 40 gigabit ethernet back-end for the storage, 10 gigabit ethernet front-end for the LANFor the extension process, more than 7km of optical fibre cables were laid out.

At the moment, the infrastructure includes 60 virtual machines distributed on 3 nodes VMWare and 58TB of data dismissed but already addressed to growth with the new applications and the new systems under implementation.

The customer's request of not being bound to hardware from specific vendors, to dynamically manage the perfroming needs while maintaining under control the costs brought to the software-defined storage choice of DataCore SANSymphony. It gave the opportunity to maxime the performance and the availability of the Informatic Infrastructure, guaranteeing flexibility and high reliability requested by the productive lines and by the certifications possessed by the company. The SANSymphony solution, in particular, envisages the storage virtualization with the dynamic management of disk space and services. 


Data Center Maddalena
In addition to the caching system on the RAM, feature of Datacore SANSymphony, the autotiering was implemented on two levels for the disk side: the TIER 1, for the data with the most frequent activity is located on flash NVMe HGST series SN200 and it is able to erogate up to 835.000 IOPs and 3350 MBps in lecture; the TIER 2, for the less "hot data", lies on the traditional disk, 10.000 rpm. The synchronous mirroring functionalities between the two sites had been implemented in order to guarantee prompt intervention timings in case of breakdowns or of fall of an entire data center. Moreover, both sites are equipped with continuity groups end environmental monitoring systems. In order to grow, the economic aspect is kept under control without the need to turn down security and services. The existing infrastructure has been maintained, updated as "test & developed environment" as required by certified qualifications, and connected to a host server VMWare ESXi and to a physic backup server.

NT New Technologies assisted the client in all the stages: starting from an analysis of the existing situation to the planning consultation, the furnishing and implementation steps of the hardware and software components until the after sales services - better known as customer care. Thanks to the expertise of the technical team of NT while dealing in "enterprise business critical environments" and to the peculiarities of the server and SAN virtualization technologies offered, the whole installation and migration happened in a climate of operative continuity, with no malfunction registered.



Maddalena has now a complete ICT infrastructure, perfectly able to react to the actual productive and growing demands. This new setup fully guarantees the rispect of the high standards of the ISO certifications plus, it will have the opportunity to take advantage of the savings collected during the purchase phase, even in the management of the whole infrastructure and in the update of the new architecture. The flexibility and simplicity in the maintanance and expansion of the new architecture had been particularly appreciated. The business data guaranteed the redundancy of the two data centers: the risk of productive blocks or of loss of data had been reduce to a minimum level. Furthermore, the system was projected to guarantee continuity with no breakdowns, while maintaining efficiently intervention times in case of malfunctions, within a couple of seconds.


"Thanks to NT's post-sale assistance, we benefit from a constant monitoring of the whole infrastructure in terms of efficiency and malfunctionings, with almost immediate action times"
Alessandro Franchi - CIO                        Maddalena spa
"Together with NT's consultants, all the virtual machines migrated from the existing infrastructure to the new one, with no downtime or disservices. Even the management system and the database servers had always been operative during the whole course of the activities. All the resources destined to the backup were reconfigurated and optimized, significantly reducing (almost 400%) the daily backup timing"
Antonio Taverna - System Administrator Maddalena spa
"The creation of the new Informatic System based on DataCore SANSymphony, allowed to reach the prefixed objectives in the design phase, without hardware bonds nor compromises plus with a predisposition that makes easy and economic the future growth in support of the production"
Massimo Della Vedova - CEO                NT Nuove Tecnologie srl
"The projecting and implementation phases of an IT infrastructure able to allow a technologic progress of the IT infrastructure, in terms of data availability, performances and scalability to a growing company as Maddalena was a though challange. The chosen solution implemented goes in the exact direction the client wanted to follow. This makes us proud and motivated to do always the best for our clients.".
Claudio Rojatti - System Engineer              NT Nuove Tecnologie srl



Is one of the most relevant realities in the production of insturments for the water measurements and of systems dedicated to the heat management. Among the company's certifications: ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 17025. The compnay produces over 3 million articles during the year with 7 different productive lines dislocated over 150.000 square meters. At the moment, Maddalena Spa is completing an important expansion of the productive surfaces and of warehousings. The union between tradition and innovation led to the creation of walk-by and drive-by devices, using open protocols that guarantee the interoperability of the systems. For these reasons, together with the normative complexity, the management needs, the legal requirements connected to the certifications and the administrative needs, it is mandatoy for the company to have a solid informatic infrastructure to support all the data's production, development and management heritage.
Since 1997, New Technologies projects, realizes and manages integrated hardware/software solutions for business continuity, disaster recovery on premises, hybrid on cloud, based on the server and SAN virtualization and comprehensive of networking, environmental monitoring systems, predictive performances, bak-up services, desktop virtualization systems and graphic workstations. NT's specialists support the planning and implementation phases of small, medium and big companies, research Institutes, schools and universitites. At the historic headquarter located in Udine, since 2017 a new branch is now operative in Trento to fully guarantee a widespread service also towards the Italian north-westerly clients.