Data are as  diamonds: a precious resource, wealth and assets of a company


Every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced. We all produce them all the time, with exponential growth (just think that 90% of the data in circulation today has been generated in the last two years).

The data may contain sensitive information, company patents, confidential information, bank transactions, administrative and accounting documents, monitoring parameters, data generated by IOT technology, etc.

Different data, more or less salient, that deserve diversified attention.

Data takes up space → need to have an effectively exploited storage system

The data are subject to attacks → need to have a system that protects them from theft both inside and outside the organization

Data can be lost → need to have a backup and recovery system that limits discomfort

The data must be processed in compliance with regulations and certifications → need to have a system for checking the procedures

The data must be managed → need for a management automation process

Data can be searched for → need for a system that allows data to be filtered quickly


We choosed the most reliable partners, those with a far-sighted vision so that you can take advantage of updated solutions that optimize the investments made.


The platform focused on data protection that prevents violations


The solution for backup and recovery, replication and failover


Active archive systems effective in managing and storing data


Multiple needs to which we respond with a complete service and, of course, tailor-made, as we do.
For example, we can provide you with our proactive monitoring support that alerts you and intervenes before there is a problem that can compromise the data.
Or create an active archive system to reduce clutter and costs of your storage.
Or advise you on how to protect your data as safely as possible.

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