Intelligent Monitoring Solutions


Didactum Security creates solutions for the monitoring of particularly adaptable solutions, usable to monitor IT infrastructures and data centers, productive headquarters, temperature-controlled environments, warehouses and much more..
Thanks to the deep knowledge of the ICT infrastructures, as well as of the network management, with an ongoing research and development activity, the proposed monitoring solutions are extremely reliable. They guarantee not only the security of the controlled spaces but also an interesting ROI.

Didactum monitoring system supports the protocols SNMPv1, SNMPv2 & SNMPv3 and it can be easily integrated with the following tools: SNMP and NMS as Catci, HP OpenView, Icinga, MRTG, Nagios and OpenNMS.

Every system can be equipped with different sensors: temperature, humidity and water. All the data are memorized in the integrated data logger and, clicking on the mouse it can bea easily exported for checks and analysis.

Critical events are reported via SNMP, emails or text messages thanks to systems able to implement a GSM modem.

The installation process is simple and the monitoring happens with a web interface based on IP. It is not required, therefore, the installation of a software on a pc or on a software.
Thanks to the plug-and-play function, all the sensors are identified automatically, once they are connected to one or more switches of the monitoring unit and through the web interface, the configuration of groups, limits and notices from every sensor is possible.




Sistema di Monitoraggio Didactum


Monitoring System 50:
Entry level system with temperature sensor, email alert and SNMP support.

Monitoring System 100:
Complete and versatile system equipped with CAN switches able to support up to 32 sensors.

Monitoring System 400:
Developped for the monitoring of server rooms 7/24, it can be easily managed and configured via web.

Monitoring System 500:
Advanced solution for the monitoring of critical IT infrastructures, technical remote spaces and production areas.

Monitoring System 500DC:
Dedicated unit to the IP monitoring of the telecommunication spaces with DC 24-48V power.

Monitoring System 600:
Created for critical environments, data centers, reasearch & development spaces.




Used to measure different parameters e.g. temperature, lightness, pressure, sound, position and magnetism. Other sensors are used to measure humidity, speed, flow or are able to recognize the images.

Controller Area Network:
Originally created for the automotive companies, these sensors differentiate now for the low sensibility to the electromagnetic interferences and the several wirings ablo to reach up to 300 meters.



Additional components

Sensor expansion unit:
Able to reach up to 8 additional analogic sensors with extension to 50-150 meters (it depends on the typology).

Dry contact unit:
Allows the conncection from 32 to 54 additional dry contact.

Rack control unit:
To control the access of rack cabinets and servrs to measure the himidity level.

Accesses monitoring:
Thankt to electric keys and to the RFID reader.