FreeStor has a new look: it is now Falconstor Data Mastery Platform (FDMP), an ideal solution to manage the data universe within complex infrastructures, independetly from the vendors.
A modern platfrom, complete and easy to use.


Thanks to FalconStor® Data Mastery Platform, the global and secure use of the whole IT infrastructure is now possible. Some key words that offer you an idea of this new platform: continuous protection, optimization, recovery, placement, analysis and scalability of the resources in every environment (physical, virtual, cloud, hyperconverged and hybrid). The integrated predictive system offers the opportunity to plan the data growth and the resulting capacity required.

Data protection and recovery capacity with no impact on the business processes.

FalconStor® Data Mastery Platform is the most organized system on the market created to protect your data:Falconstor Data Mastery Platform

- costs reduction while optimizing the actual environment, improving performances and infrastructures' speed and deleting all the agreements connected to the vendor's bonds;

- destruction of the data silos due to an intelligent and more appropriate use according to the case and the policy (independetly from where all the data are located) and to a holistic vision of the whole infrastructure through the central management console;

- increased agility with real-time predictive analysis to plan the basic growth requirements.

Whatever use you are doing with your data, FalconStor® Data Mastery Platform can be used globally or through modules: starting from one or two use cases in order to unlock the entire software potential, lowering the TCO.


To increase the operative efficiency, it takes advantage of the complete and flexible data protection in every environment


Perceivable storage costs and latency reduction in order to rise the app's speed


Security and reliability in the data recovery objective management (RTO e RPO)


Rapid repositiong of mission-critical applications among various data-centers or cloud environments, without processing impacts and easily finding data, independently from where they had been replicated


Obtain information and act to plan your growth, to enhance your performances, to reduce costs and to manage the risks


Manage your data with no risk and plan your long-term needs

Free the cloud data management power

In line with the acceleration of the tape's width and the possibility to choose the destination storage, FreeStor offers you the opportunity to: efficientely define the cloud allocation, idependently from its nature: AWS, Azure or every other cloud service (public or private) and to migrate and to replicate the data center's data in the cloud, from the cloud to the data center or from a cloud to another cloud.

Foresee your growth and plan your future

Predict your storage needs. With analysis and advanced reports, you can now plan the growth and easily identify hotspots and bottle necks to optimize availability and performances in every storage resource.

Be proacative. Only Falconstor offers you analysis and detailed studies about heterogeneous storage environments, allowing you to unblock all the necessary info to act in a proactive way while reducing costs.

Embrace the freedom. Concentrate on the guide of the value of the layers that count more for your business, freeing precious time and resources and concentrating on strategic initiatives.


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