The platform to create IT solutions as you want

Global configurator


Choose the hardware components, choose operating systems and software, choose the technicians: in just a few steps you arrive at the complete order, and monitor it constantly.

Global Comfigurator is the new way to manage your orders without having to compromise.



Nucs and PCs
the doorway to your business
From the compact NUC to the classic microtowers, the e-Pro PCs respond to the needs of space and performance of companies. Designed for business activity, they combine reduced energy consumption with multimedia.

the fastest way to your business

The Intel® WP and WX Workstations guarantee professional services to those who have to take care of complex projects in the most demanding fields: solid modeling, animation and 3D GIS systems, video editing, etc.

the most solid foundation for your business

Thanks to their flexibility, e-PRO servers with Intel technology allow important upgrades at low cost. Each server remains expandable over time, ensuring scalability in computing power, storage capacity and production continuity.

the system growing with your business

Each system is selected, assembled and configured to meet current and future business production needs thanks to the scalability and availability of guaranteed spare parts.


applications to manage your processes 
Operating systems, data management, monitoring, security, etc You can choose the application you need, order it or integrate it with other hardware, services, or professional solutions


 strategy and quality with you in the growth process
Whether you need a service for the complete management of infrastructure or workstations or a service dedicated to monitoring specific activities, our solutions are right for you.


the secure, efficient and flexible networking
To have utilities, devices, and applications always available and performing, choose the programming solutions, configurations and supply that best suit your needs.


tailor-made advices giving you an extra edge
Look at the profile, the skills, the experience, the geographic area covered, and choose the person for you. From emergency management to the realization of a complex project, you will have chosen professionals who will support you adequately.

Data center

You can build your own data center soon after the plug
Coming soon...

Whether you need to manage a complex project, or a simple supply, Global configurator is the platform that allows you to do it independently, customized, and monitored.
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