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The Storage Server Platform for Software-Defined Storage


There is a never-ending need to increase data center performance for storage-intensive applications. To fully realize the benefits of a software-defined storage (SDS) infrastructure, purpose-built storage platforms have become the preferred building blocks for many enterprise data centers. The SVR2U24 NVMe Storage Server is designed to be a performance-optimized platform for SDS. By integrating CPUs and NVMe™ SSDs in the same unit, our storage server provides a tested and validated building block for deploying the SDS stack on high-performance storage.

Designed for Fast Data

Flash technology has revolutionized the performance of storage systems; NVMe technology extends flash storage to its full potential. Built upon our storage expertise, the SVR2U24 NVMe Storage Server features the latest Intel® Xeon® CPUs. Chipset, core count and power can be customized, providing the flexibility to meet varying requirements depending on data workload and performance requirements. Whether as a stand-alone file server or part of a scale-out deployment, the SVR2U24 NVMe Storage Server is built to deliver screaming performance in software-defined storage environments. With low latency and consistently high bandwidth, data is accelerated to the speed of flash.

Features SVR2U24 NVMe Storage Server
Up to 184TB in a 2U unit
Up to 24 NVMe SSDs with a range of capabilities and endurance options
High-performance Intel® “Purley”- based server with a choice of CPUs
2 512GB SSD boot drives
2-port 10GbE included
1-port 1GbE for system management
2 PCIe x16 slots available for add-in cards
Enterprise-grade redundant and hotswappable PSUs and fans




Max drives

24x2.5" NVMe ssds

Available SSD Capacities

3.20TB/1.60TB, 1.2/1.7 DW/D, SanDisk® Skyhawk™
3.84TB/1.92TB, 0.5/0.6 DW/D, SanDisk Skyhawk
6.4TB 3 DW/D, HGST Ultrastar® SN200
7.68TB 1 DW/D, HGST Ultrastar SN200

Available CPU choices Entry-Level:Xeon 5120, 2.2GHz, 14C, 105W
Mid-Range:Xeon 6140, 2.3GHz, 18C, 140W
High-Perf:Xeon 8160, 2.1GHz, 24C, 150W
Memory 256GB DDR4 Installed (8x 32GB DIMMs)
24 DIMM Slots on Motherboard
Expansion 2 PCIe Gen3 x16 and 1 PCIe Gen3 x8 slot
Networking 1 OCP 2.0 Mezz. Card, Connector A+C, Type 1
1 Dedicated 1GbE RJ45 for IPMI
I/O 2 USB 3.0
1 VGA, DB15
1 Serial, DB9
Management IPMI 2.0 system management
Physical Dimensions Height:87mm (3.43”)
Width:448mm (17.64”)
Depth:760mm (29.92”)
Max Weight Product w/o SSDs: ~20.5 kg (45.2 lbs)
Product w/ 24 SSDs: ~24.9 kg (54.9 lbs)
Power 1+1 1200W, CRPS, 80+ Platinum
1+1 1200W, CRPS, 80+ Platinum
200-240V AC input 200-240V AC input
Cooling 5+1 60mm fans, hot-swappable
Serviceability Hot-swappable power supplies, fans, and SSD modules
Environmental Operating Temperature:5 to 35°C
Non-op Temperature:-30 to 60°C
Humidity:-12°C dew point, 5 to 85% relative humidity
Operating Altitude:40°C @ 3,000ft
Sound Power:< 7.5Bels @ 232°C




























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