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The ActiveScale™ P100 is a modular object storage system that allows you to scale out or geo-spread to 6PB, so you can easily keep up with data growth, storage management needs and deliver on business objectives. For large-scale data that requires long-term retention with easy and fast retrieval, the ActiveScale P100 is designed to facilitate a "data forever" architecture for investment protection and ease of operation. 


Simple to install and use:

For large-scale data, the ActiveScale P100 presents an Amazon S3 - compliant object interface that can easily integrate with existing S3-aware applications. Real-time system management is provided by ActiveScale SM which manages entire namespace, not just one rack, and combined with ActiveScale CM cloud-based analytics which provides historical and predictive capabilities to better manage large-scale storage efficiently and effectively.

Simple scalability:

tha ActiveScale P100 is based on modular storage node architecture that starts with 720TB of raw storage and scales up in increments of 720TB to over 2PB. Additionally, the system can scale out or geo-spread to over 6PB.

Oustanding availability and durability:

Advanced data availability and integrity are essential for a world-class cloud infrastructure. The ActiveScale P100 can be deployed in a 3-site configuration to geographically disperse data for extreme availability. Data durability comes from patented Bitspread and BitDynamics technology, also in case of ransomware.

Changing the economics of storage

Through vertical integration and innovation, ActiveScale P100 delivers large-scale capacity and growth at less than a DIY cost for significant CAPEX savings. Utilizing our patented helium-filled hard drives, ActiveScale benefits from low power and less cooling than traditional drives, providing a lower OPEX. Value is more than low TCO, you can increase the value of your data by utilizing the portfolio of solution partners available for ActiveScale.


       ActiveScale P100 system 


Easy to deploy:
rack space, power and network connections are all that is needed

media archive

genome data banks
tape consolidation

active data repository

data lake repository

backup as a service

storage as a service

Easy to Scale:
increase capacity with both scale-up and scale-out configurations
Extreme data durability:
data protection with BitDynamics, BitSpread, versioning, and advanced erasure coding
System availability
geo-spread system protects data without replication
Excellent TCO:
low acquisition cost, power/TB and operating cost
ActiveScale SM&CM manage you entire namespace for efficient petabyte-scale storage management


















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