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The ActiveScale X100 system is an integrated object storage solution designed for "data forever" architecture, that allows you to scale up from 840TB to 5.8PB and scale out over 52PB, so you can easily keep up with data growth and deliver on business objectives.


Simple to install and use

The ActiveScale is an integrated system that can be up and running quickly. Each system is vertically integrated with software, networking and hardware. Once installed in your data center the system presents an Amazon S3 compliant object interface.

Extreme scalability:

Start with the base configuration and as storage requirements grow, simply add scale up modules to increase capacity of over 52PB

Outstanding availability and durability:

The ActiveScale X100 system can be configurated across 3 locations to disperse data for extreme availability with patented BitSpread technology. In addition BitDynamics provieds high data integrity with data verification performed in the background.

Changing the economics of storage:

The system's vertical integration and innovation delivers a complete solution at less than DIY cost for significan CAPEX savings. Utilizing HGST patented helium-filled hard drives, the ActiveScale system requires less power, less cooling, proving a low OPEX


ActiveScale X100 

Ideal for:

Ready to deploy:
power and network connections are all that is needed

Easy to scale:
increase capacity in line with data growth by scale-up or scale-out

Extreme data durability:
data protection with BitDynamics, BitSpread, versioning, and advanced erasure coding

System availability:
geo-spread system design protects data without replication

Excellent TCO
low acquisition cost, power/TB, and operating cost

Cloud service provider:
backup as a service
storage as a service

Media & entertainment:
production media archive
on-premise S3 media target

Life Sciences and Health Care:
genoma data banks
medical imaging

Backup and archive:
tape consolidation
active data repository

Analytic storage tier:
data lake repository






















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