What are we talking about?

When referring to hyperconverged solutions, we talk about an informatic infrastructure on a software able to integrate various components: server, networking, storage and virtualization. The appliance designated to to the overall management is unique, as well as the necessary support supplied by a single provider.
Hyperconverged solutions create a complete virtualized environment supplied with the formula "keys in hand" and easily manageable by the IT team, even if not fully specialized on the subject.

About the advantages

More speed

Better performances

Reduced costs

In a ICT context based on "as a service" ideal, the hyperconvergence transforms both the infrastructure and the ICT function in a service. This is a whole new approach that takes into consideration the importance of the remote offices, of the modern smart working approach but also of the use of several devices. The general concept is therefore much more coherent with the actual dinamicity required by the companies but also with the way in which info, applications and software are supplied.

CHOICE : You are free from the need of having a hardware coming from a single vendor plus, you have a limitless opportunity to use devices of every brand
FLEXIBILITY: The integration of different hardware resources in a single stack, allows you to modulate, in time, the infrastructure according to your needs
DATA PROTECTION: Disaster recovery with integrated back up functions, recovery and off-site copy activities which offer you a maximum level of protection
IT VALORIZATION: From now on, people designated to follow high valued strategic projects will be realised from boring routine operations
COSTS: Able to support up to the double amount of VDI sessions for each node, favouring implementation's costs reduction
SCALABILITY: Easily implemented by adding just a node (appliance)
SIMPLICITY: The whole management occurs automatically and transparently with a single console easily organizable by a generalist IT personnel
INVESTIMENT: +24% increase by the end of 2019 and +76% storage growth. If you are ready to choose an hyperconverged solution, you are looking at the future


Our solutions:



Nutanix is the solution for modernize data centers by eliminating management complexity through an agile hyperconvergent infrastructure that brings together storage, compute, virtualization, networking and security

DataCore Virtual SAN Sansymphony represents the evolution of the Software-defined storage (SDS) able to create high perfromances and reliability in the storage environment. Flexibility, cost awareness and scalability: these are 3 elements that make VirtualSAN the ideal solution when riding the daily challenges every IT specialist has to deal with.


Sangfor allows you to say no more large investments, advance procurements of miscellaneous hardware, fragmented management, lack of scalability and fragmented workloads

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Operations accelerated, performances increased, scalability simplified, costs reduced. These are the advanteges you can obtain by adopting vSAN technology for your hyperconvergence infrastructure