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When aiming at the IT Business Continuity, you identify the correct strategies and instruments to transform a 4.0 company into a resilient reality, in all its divisions, incrementing the productive indexes and safeguarding brand image, brand reputation and the existing data heritage.

What are the weaknesses within the company? If some vulnerabilities were to happen, what kind of impact would they have on the IT infrastructures and on all the other functions? These questions are two good starting points to prepare an IT Business Continuity Plan, that:

  1. sums up the potential existing IT threats (natural, cyber attacks and security leaks ...) and the eventual impacts deriving from their ocurrance;
  2. outlines an effective "plan B" to identify the IT resources, guarantors of business continuity (specialized personnel, instruments, alternative infrastructures ...) and the methods to promptly react, confining the capacity of the registered damages.

Furthermore, the Plan is a protecting instrument that avoids financial waste and safeguards the company image, even in the eyes of customers and stakeholders. They, indeed, will perceive the company as a proactive reality, eager to protect its interests but also those of the people involved in its activities.

To fully understand the concept of company operativity, we should take a step back and distinguish the difference between: disaster recovery and IT Business Continuity. In the first case, actions are planned to fight the suffered damages, while in the second case, preventive instruments are programmed to avoid possible risks. A perfect pre and post combo to avoid and confine every disservice. It is important that disaster recovery and IT business continuity always work in symbiosis; if, indeed, the disaster recovery plans and implements all the instrumentes to recover data and company systems, the IT Business Continuity guarantees the correct restoration of the operative assets. All this steps should be followed while considering, in percentage steps the risk that damages to the infrastructures could occurr.

Investing in IT Business Continuity is therefore possible:

  1. identify the threats that damage the business and the IT services that need to be guaranteed without interruptions because mandatory to let all the activities be opeartive;
  2. structure an organizational model, tailored on the case, reactive and agile;
  3. assure the continuous operativity in all the company sectors, IT and not.

In this context, a mention to the Maddalena Spa case history is a good idea. Well known reality in the production of instruments to measure the water levels and to mangae the heat, Maddalena Spa collaborated with NT's team to create a DataCenter completely redundant with the one already existing, by ensuring maximum levels of operative continuity. The result was an IT infrastructure able to support, in terms of security, the company performances. Among the starting goals that brought the teams to the final plan there were: business continuity and guaranteed constant monitorings, flexible and expandable infrastructures plus costs' containment during the planning stage and the solutions' development. If you are interested in reading more about it, we recommend you to follow the link 

So, to sum up. an efficient IT Business Continuity System is a managerial instrument in the hands of the IT team, suggested to you because it allows you to recognize the vulnerabilites while reducing the consequences deriving from their impact. To discover how to be safe with our business continuity solutions, we invite you to contact us by writing down all your info in the form here below. We will get back to you asap!


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