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to protect and report on sensitive environments


Constantly monitor the environmental data is fundamental and productive. 


Proactive prevention and tempestive interventions for an on-time recovery of the business operativity are just two of the possible ways to manage the emergencies. Check the environments? Yes, because every malfunction within your infrastructure or damage to your facilities could be connected to huge problems and to the possibility of being inefficient. 

Today, the automation is pervasive even during the monitoring phase; this allows the planning of alerts also in spaces potentially exposed to abnormal events, decompensation and blocks. The warning servers should be part of every business asset; in the majority of the cases, the knowledge of the risks is considered but not every time, the possible economic consequences in case of no control are not considered.  

Block, malfunctionings and errors can endanger the whole informatic system, damage the products with impacts on the business production and create huge costs. To avoid them all is possible. 

ENVIRONMENTS TO BE MONITORED: datacenter, server room, archives, greenhouses, warehouses, temperature controlled dipartments, rooms with controlled accesses, hospitals, restaurants, residential and commercial spaces ...

ELEMENTS TO BE MONITORED: temperature, humidity, water, fire, airflow circulations, electricity, accesses ... 

To keep under control the environmental data meas:

  • circumscribe potential inefficiencies; 
  • spare on the deriving costs coming from malfunctionings and purchase of new structures; 
  • grow the duration of the instruments at disposal; 
  • allow operative continuity and constant efficiency;
  • reduce costs deriving from mistakes;
  • transform the environments that surround you in safer spaces. 

Among the strenghts of the monitoring operations,opportunity to customize the solutions dedicated to the control of spaces with critical assets (typology, positioning and warnings) and operativity via remote control.

Didactum and Avtech are top brands for your monitoring solutions. Versatility, easy intallation and intuitive management trough the system's interface ... 

DIDACTUM to control every critical point:

  • autonomous solutionsindipendently from the presence of other softwares;
  • controls are made through access to the web interface of the monitoring system and setting of alerts and notifications for every type of sensor at your disposal;
  • threshold and warning values can be defined according to the criticalitis you need to monitor;
  • sensors, data and variations can be valued in realtime, while allowing immediate interventions;
  • info can be exported and used to create reports.

AVTECH to control server rooms and different spaces:

  • monitoring systems connected to dedicated softwares and sensors
  • technologically advanced systems easy to use and integrable with surveillance systems for remote monitorings;
  • alerts can be set up on every new condition that could have undesired effects on the infrastructures;
  • warning conditions are generated when the controlled values overcome the maximum thresholds considered.

Why do we recommend you these solutions?

Because with minimal expedients studied ad hoc, you can transform your business into a safe, operative and performing reality. Because the prevention is important, as well as, a prompt reaction to reduce all the consequences. Because we want to offer you guarantees of results and operativity. To spare. 


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