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benefit for you, for your company and for the environment


smart IT infrastructures - user experience technologies - optimized performances - economic and energetic savings

IT è sinonimo di innovazione, progresso e modernizzazione nell'impresa ma anche motivo di ispirazione per il design di spazi aziendali user friendly. Progettare data center con impatti energetici nulli, significa pensare a un'impresa intelligente.

This is the evolution:

          2012 - 500.000 data center all over the world

          2019 - 8.000.000 data center all over the world

The enormous growth of data centers has to be connected to the assiduous and universal growth of mobile devices, to the IoT explosion and to the reproduction of the Big Data. Without a proper management, in 10 years, data centers' energetic consumptions could require almost 10% of the total amount of world energy. 

1992 ... When the Environmental Protection Agency worked to raise awareness around the importance of the energetic savings, even within the IT infrastructures. Among the first "environmental ideas", the sleep mode in the consumption devices to pause the whole system, while waiting to start again the operativity. In that period, the environmental impact of the computers started to be intense. The production and distribution of its phisical components required, and they still do it, combustibles, materials, minerals and electric energy. Elements that contribute to the emission of the atmosferic greenhouse gas.

Since 1992, various evolutions led us to the actual green computing. Little expendients allow you to optimize the IT resources, installing, designing and using low consumption computers. Green computing is indeed development and creation of PC, server and IT systems with minimal environmental impacts. If your IT department is green, you work in sustainable and efficient temrs, starting from less resources. So, at your disposal you have less consumptions, more performances and physical space available. 

Among the IT elements sources of consumption: data center, power supplies, GPU, display and operative systems.

An IT infrastructure contemplates 4 key points:

The adoption of the sustainable IT principle as instrument to reduce the business costs is possible. Which is the starting point?

Some viable routes:

For more than 20 years, NT makes your data center green, offering informatic and custom-made solutions, starting from and analysis of the business assets and goals. Why are we supporters of this strategy?