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How do you manage your data?


A company out of five doesn't invest in security. The general behaviour would lead to take action just in case of need.

Productivity and responsiveness with no interruptions are guaranteed if you collect info about the actual situation, anomalies and needs of the interlocutors. Among the corporate policies (Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity ...), indeed, a studied pro security strategy, allows you to be operative in conditions of full integrity of the business assets, technological and not.

Whenever we talk about business security, we think of:

If you implement a data protection plan, you can:

You just need few steps to protect yourself:

For an optional data management, ensuring operativity and great results, NT team suggests:


With a unified platform, you classify relevant info, document your data with audits in conformity with the existing rules, analyze strange behaviors and act proactively in case of emergencies.


For backup software solutions, Disaster Recovery and virtualization in VMware and Hyper-V environments. With Veeam, you make real the Always On Enterprise, to be constantly available, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.


For your enterprise data, to manage and to archive.With QSTAR solutions, you optimize the the assets of your data, increase security levels and drastically reduce costs.


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