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Whenever we talk about virtualization of graphic workstations, we refer to the possibility of gathering, in a single virtual environment, a thin client infrastructure, in order to benefit from a centralized, scalable and flexible management. Today, to keep up with the continuous software updates, means that you have to constantly invest your budget in them while dealing with lower productivity and scalability of the workstations. 

If normally, the graphic management is controlled by the DataCenter, its virtualization could offer the user the opportunity to, relying on a network connection with whichever device (notebook, tablet or smartphone) use updated graphic programs via server access. Among the benefits offered by this solution, the following should be considered: 

  1. minimal downtime risks and consequent safety guarantees
  2. centralized management and data backup
  3. development, management, update and consumption costs' reduction
  4. safeguard of the intellectual property
  5. optimization of the software resources
  6. achievment of excellent performances
  7. less energy waste

The act of channelling all the attention is in the costs' hands: the use of virtual workstations is remarkably more ecnonomic compared to the physical workstations.

Think about distributing the computing and resources to favour planning, design and high computing in every place and moment, is not a big news; we could define it a green IT strategy ideal to deal with the need of simulated but equally productive virtual environments, guaratee of an independet and unique app management. To work on virtual systems is a translation of an experience in line with our modern regulations of smart-working and operativity without spatial or time boonds for motivational and productive assets. NT's tea, supports you in the swithc from the "traditional" world to "on-demand world", offering you all the means to project and implement this approach together.

PNY NVIDIA solutions are, in this direction, ideal in terms of quality and durability, allowing you to satisfy all your graphic, IA and HPC needs. If you are interested in contacting us to know in depth the solutions we can offer you, fill the form here below. You will be contacted by one of our team who will give you all the necessary info.

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