The solution that transforms your pc in a thin client

NoTouch Desktop is the operative endpoint system as well as the management solution for the VMWare Horizon View Infrastructure (VMWare's VDI solution). It is the best way to manage VMWare Horizon View with Blast Extreme, PCoIP, RDP and USB forwarding.
Plus, it is compatible with Citrix XenDesktop, CixtrixXenApp, HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection, HDX Realtime Engine - Skype for Business and Citrix StoreFront.

NoTouch Desktop transforms your PC workstation with an operative Windows system, in handy thin client/VDI terminal with the most recent VMWare Client or Citrix Client already included.
It is based on the Linux 64 bit platform and, once installed on the devices, it just occupies 300 MB. With the PC transformed into thin client, the operative Windows system is not necessary anymore as well as all the realative license. Plus, it can be installed almost on every PC and thin client.

NoTouch can be:

- accomplished simoultaneously/dual boot with Windows

- installed on hard disk and flash, deleting Windows

- installed on a virtual machine Windows to manage, for instance, the BYOD (bring your own device) and to separate the Windows environment commonly controlled by the user and the company NoTouch environment under the business control.

Stratodesk is the most sophisticated environment PXE existing. It supplies a virtual appliance which contains PXE server for the Datacenter,NoTouch endpoint for the devices, NoTouch Center, console with centralized management and applications to control the server PXE from remote.


Saving from the purchase of a new hardware:
It is not essential to buy a new computer/thin client as substitute of obsolete devices.
The extension of the lifecycle of a laptop or PC already in possession, brings therefore to an optimizationof the relative total cost of ownership (TCO).

Minimal installation requirements:
NoTouch can be installed in every device with 512 MB of RAM (1GB suggested), almost in every PC bought after the 2000s.

Thinclient benefits:
It is doable to take advantage of thin clients, without actually buy them: mean time before failure, lower direct and indirect consumption costs, high security levels and centralized management.

Management optimization:
The installation and maintenance of the devices is simplified thanks to the centralized console which enables an easy initial set up, configuration and maintenance.
The centralized instrument panel shows an overview of the whole system and allows, for instance, to do analysis and operation planning at fixed timing.

Licenses costs' reduction:
NoTouch OS is the Windows substitute operative system for computer, laptops and thin clients. Based on Linux, it can be performed from USB devices, network boot, CD-ROM and local hardware, reducing this way the licence costs.

High flexibility:
No Touch is compatible with the most common virtualization systems and terminal server as Microsoft Terminal Services,  VmWare Horizon View, Citrix XenDesktop, Quest vWorkspace, PCoIP and many others.

How does it work:

Based on the Linux 64 bit system, Stratodesk Virtual Appliance is preconfigured to funtction not only on VMWare ESXI, but also on Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V and various desktops and workstations.
For the installation of NoTouch, Stratodesk Virtual Appliance acts as a smart endpoint computing hub:

- NoTouch is hosted on the machine and therefore ready to be used, without the necessity of an external database;

- a PXE environment allows the instant launch of PC and TC with NoTouch

- the images of the OS are hosted on the machine for both the update and the initial network process

Afer the start it is possible to proceed with the setup of the configurations through the hypervisor's console.
Pc e laptop trasformed into thin client will not need updates and set up anymore. Everything can be easily managed through the central console run on the web interface.



Stratodesk notouch OS

Linux-based VDI/Thin Client OS Citrix, VMware Horizon, RDP, SGD ... Browser, and much more... Runs on PCs, laptops, thin clients Side-by-side or instead of Windows Local install or live boot


Stratodesk notouch center

Browser-based central management
Group based / multi-level inheritance
Real-time inventory monitoring
Peripheral device tracking


Stratodek notouch virtual appliance

Enterprise-grade PXE boot stack
Easy backup and restore
No external database necessary
Shared resource host
Includes NoTouch Center


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