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With FalconStor Data Management solutions, you strenghten your IT environments and obtain

real-time information on your storage resources.

You guarantee constant availability and activitities' restore in case of emergency.

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FalconStor hardware and software solutions make your IT infrastructure elastic and offer you no interruption within your business operativity.

  • constant availability - business continuity for file, data, applications and systems;
  • protection and recovery - automated recovery for an immediate data recovery without compromising the business activity;
  • optimization - data duplication and management to better use your storage, reducing the backup costs;
  • data migration - data movements with no interruptions;
  • analysis - malfunctionings' prevention and resolution during the use of archiving documents with real-time reports about the current performances;
  • predictive approach - you transform your IT infrastructure in a constantly active and performing environment, suitable for growth and stability;
  • multi-tenancy - multi-client services through a single platform with data isolation and centralized authentication guaranteed;
  • flash spaces - pro efficiency, operativity and profitability storage.

FALCONSTOR DATA MASTERY PLATFORM: you take maximum advantage of your IT investments and you have a complete vision of your IT infrastructure through a single console and a centralized managment. Protection, recovery, optimization, analysis and resizing of your data and archiving resources in cloud, hybrid, virtual and hyperconverged spaces.

FALCONSTOR VIRTUAL TAPE LIBRARY (VTL): to optimize your current backup system or to implement a new one, FalconStor VTL simplifies the transaction operations. You enhance the efficiency and uses your investments without operative blocks.

CONTINUOUS DATA PROTECTION (CDP): backup and disk recovery for mirroring, snapshot, replications and automatd Disaster Recovery.

NETWORK STORAGE SERVER (NSS): protection and management for primary and secondary storage. Central amministration and constant data availability to prevent every risk of business inoperativity.

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