To safely monitor and safeguard your data

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Do you have delicate and potentially viable data at your disposal?

Could the info you archived be seen by unauthorized users?

Are you looking for monitoring procedures of what is happening to your informative heritage?

Do you want to preserve yourself from unusal activites that could interrupt your operativity and put it at risk?


NT recommends you netwrix to:

  • monitor IT infrastructures, data heritage and backbone systems;
  • reduce risk levels and violations to your info;
  • promptly intercept and circumscribe every possible threat.

With the unified platform made by netwrix:

  • you identify and classify delicate and relevant info, structured and unstructured data, locally and in cloud;
  • you document the data coming from the auditing in accordance with the current rules, GDPR and ISo first;
  • give a priority to the accidents through an analysis of unusual behaviours and therefore potentially dangerous;
  • look into and proactively act to limit every damage;
  • discover who and who committed the violation and what is the total damage.


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