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Stratodesk NoTouchDesktop


NT recommends NoTouch Desktop:

  • endpoint operative system;
  • solution to manage VDI and DaaS endpoints;
  • ideal answer that allows you to transform every x86 device at your disposal - PC, laptop, thin client or Raspberry Pi - in an endpoint resilient and performing. The plus? The management of the whole system happens centrally from a single platform

Duable in parallel/dual boot with Windows, installable on a VM or on hard disk/flash while deleting Windows. NoTouch Desktop is recommended to government, health, financial and commercial organizations, armed forces, educational institutes, small/medium/big businesses that need to start a transorming path towards the digitalization imposed by the amoutnt of data in circulation while maintaining the functioning conditions of your own IT infrastructures. 

Among the benefits:

  • savings on the purchase of new hardware components to substitute old systems at your disposal; 
  • lowering of  TCO and HA assured;
  • use all the potentialities of a thin client without the need of buying a new one; 
  • licensing and consume costs (direct and indirect) reduced;
  • installation and maintenance simplified; 
  • operativity from every device and even from remote without compromisign the security of the whole system; 
  • simultaneous management of the devices. 


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