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Nvidia has been an independent company in the field of the graphic chips for the past 26 years
PNY has been specialized in the creation of products for memorization and graphic cards for the past 26 years
NT New Technology has dedicated its work in the customization of solutions for storage and virtualization, for the past 23 years


VIRTUAL REALITY: trevolutionize the entertaining, gaming and medical world working with a maximum level of scalability.

REALISTIC RENDERING: for a real-time, captivating design with detailed shadows, reflections and refractions with a productive increase and cost reduction due to less tests done.

MULTI-DISPLAY: to create interactive work spaces, digital signage and three dimensions high resolution environments

GPU VIRTUALIZATION: to offer the opportunity to all the users to work with the GPU Nvidia with the best ever user-experience from whichever device, locally and cloud speaking

DEEP LEARNING: to increase the performances of the dedicated systems based on an acceleration with GPU for training and inference on every environment and device: data centre, cloud, desktop and laptop

The most advanced technologies at your disposal to accelerate the time-to-market (we know the importance of of reaching the customer with an innovative product and in an adequate time), to simplify the IT management (in a context made of challenges, a support in the management operations is always useful) and to increase the creativity (with happier users) to reduce costs (indeed, if technology let you save money, it is even better).


deep learning



The DataCenter solutionTESLA offers the best power available both for the IA loads as well as for those that need high-performing elaborations. It is now possible to analyse the petabyte data in few instants thanks to high performance levels.

Deep learning and analysis needs are completely satisfied by the DGX systems. They integrate the software created for the simplified GPU on the new GPU NVIDIA Volta™ offering extraordinary performances: in few hours data can be acquired while before, weeks or even months were necessary to accomplish the same operation.
Interesting product of the DGX STATION is the first personal supercounter to be positioned on the workstation and designed for the deep learning. SIlent, easily configurable and two times faster than all the other fast workstations.

Extraordinary performances can be obtained with the TITAN RTX cards, Xp, TITAN V: from 3 up to 6 times faster compared to the previous versions, they combine computing potentialities to extra elevated resolutions (together with a captivating design).

QUADRO and GRID represent the most diffused solutions; they offer an optimized user experience on every device (notebooks, workstations, servers, clouds and virtual devices). They improve the performances of every company app, included Windows 10, the Microsoft operative system considered to be, until now, much more challenging from the point of view of the graphics.

For a super game experience, the GEFORCE cards are a must: performances are up to six times better than the ones in the old cards.

Dedicated to the servers, HGX is the most powerful accelerated platform that joins the width of the tape to the typology of advanced memories & the high precision scientific computing power to the speed of an IA computing system.

NVS GRAPHICS is the solution for video walls and multiple low-consumption monitors. Thanks to a flexible support for the connection of an output display, it is the perfect for a wide range of monitors.

DRIVE is the IA platform created to develop autonomous drive solutions that need powerful elaboration systems: from photorealistic simulations for tests, to the software to try sensors and perceptions plus, from the scalable hardware pivot of an independent vehicle to the assisted guide that monitors internal and external variables.


WORKSTATIONS: performing and compatibles, equipped with graphic cards PNY NVIDIA QUADRO; they are ideal for the virtual reality, 3D rendering and professional graphic.

SERVERS: designed for the IA, the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and the High Performance Computing (HPC), they have GPU with high computing density and an optimized cooling system.

STORAGE: AIRI ™ is the first complete infrastructure thought to be suitable for the IA and ready to be used. Fed from the storage FlashBlade ™ and server NVIDIA DGX-1, AIRI offers a simple infrastructure fast and perfect to satisfy all the IA needs.


NVIDIA JETSON XAVIER: an AI computer for independent machines that offers the results of a GPU workstation in an embedded module under 30W. It is projected for robots, drones and other self-machines that need maximum computing levels to manage workloads and to work in the following fields: production, retail, agricolture, smart cities and medical portable devices.

GPU embedded for incredible performances with flexible configurations, software and tools adaptable to the requested needs.


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