the new platform for our support


Service Land


  By Service Land  to open a ticket, to monitor it,  to dialogue with NT's support is easier. 

Service Land is the NT Nuove tecnologie platform di NT Nuove Tecnologie through which to manage technical intervention in an easy way.

In Service Land you can:

 open a ticket: emails and calls are not necesary, you can manage all the process online or by app. The system save your data and there's no risks for your request to get lost

 monitor the ticket: you can controll  the progresses in real time

 send and receive messages: inviare e ricevere messaggi:communications exchange takes plase in the reserved area. It's not necessary to loose time by looking form emails, all you need is under your control

add documents: all documents regarding the ticket are saved and managed in  your are. A unique place to optimize the management and save time 


Service Land is practical, quick and safe. It's your support in a click (and in a touch) 

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