58% of big companies has implemented it, 12% of small companies has turned it into reality,
8% of public autorithies has developed projects

These are the shares of smart working in Italy in 2018, increasing year after year.
It brings benefits in performances, targets, employee benefits

Smart working


What does smart working exactly mean?

It’s a new working approach focused on flexibility and autonomy by employees by choosing where and when to work, in view of a bigger empowerment  and of a goal - centred approach.
Companies that have adopted these kind of projects have underlined:
- productivity growth thanks to focus on targets and an autonomous and goal-oriented approach;
- greater corporate well-being thanks to a better balance of working and private life;
- smart meeting through up to date collaboration and communication technologies;
- a green impact on the environment thanks to the reduction of means of transportation.

What does it entail on ICT?

First of all the adoption of an IT infrastructure that allows workers to access servers and company datas from any devices in total safety.
It’s a joint solutions with IT consultant and customer because every company is unique. Analysing the existing infrastructure, the kind of business role, the business needs, it’s possible to outline the more appropriate hardware and software infrastructure.
A smart working project, in fact, takes into consideration some variables affecting on the project success.

For example  employees can use both company and personal devices (the byod= Bring Your Own Device) and you need to guarantee the access to the company LAN in a safe way. And you need also to manage the devices both the central ones and the users one. And also to project a communication and collaboration system for business meetings and project sharing.
IT consumerization makes easy to share information and documents but you have to put attention to create a real business advantage.
It’s not sufficient to buy computers or tablets but you must to have a share strategy with an IT partner able to engage directly to vendor by representing the customer and its needs.

To project a flexible infrastructure
To guarantee the highest data security
To manage back up and business continuity
To support sharing and collaboration

These are the fundamental points to create a smart working solution.

Our expertise

We have developed  various smart working project for heterogeneous companies and devoted to different kind of business roles with needs and competencies very different from each other.
The common denominator of all projects is our modus operandi, and the customer satisfaction:
- To guarantee a calibrate infrastructure based on the effective needs of both of the company and the users, avoiding overrate purchases or, at the opposite, barely sufficient to work with the risk of operational stops;
- To guarantee the highest data security following also the laws and the General Data Protection Regulation;
- To promote the projects also by dedicated financial solutions;
- To project custom solutions: from the “base” home access, to team projects for hundreds of people from different places.

We have the expertise and the competencies to prepare smart working projects already awarded with  Smart Working Award 2019 from Smart Working Osservatorio of Politecnico di Milano for a big Italian Governement